Ottawa County Skywarn Links:


US Tornado Environment Browser

Ottawa County ASOS Weather Station at Tulip City Airport "KBIV"

Ottawa County NOAA Weather Stations:

    COOP Stations

        AGNM4        Allendale 3 ESE                                COOP 200128

        GRDM4        Grand Haven Waste Water Plant

        GRHM4        Grand haven Fire Dept.

        HDVM4        Hudsonville 1 W

        HLDM4        Holland 3 NW

        HOLM4        Holland

        HLNM4        Holland State Park


Great Lakes Water Level Stations


        Station 9087031    Holland



Weather Buoy located 2 miles west of Holland State Park (not in service during winter)


USGS River Gauges

    Grand River at Grand Rapids, next to GVU broadcast center

                (For reference, the flood of 2013, peaked  downtown at 21.86 feet on April 21-2013)

    Grand River at Eastmanville

    All Michigan Gauges       

Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory